Saturday, November 17, 2007

Maybe This Is Why Our President Is So Bright?

Texas Math Books Wrought with Errors


Reviewers have found 109,263 errors in sample copies of math textbooks to be used next fall in Texas. One second-grade math book, for example, has 4 plus 7 equaling 10, the San Antonio Express-News reported Friday. Many of the errors, spread out over 164 textbooks and online materials, are blamed on faulty translation from English to Spanish. Some of the student editions also included answers to end-of-chapter quizzes, which were counted as errors. The math books are expected to be error- free by the time classes begin. For every error that is not caught, the State Board of Education fines publishers $5,000, the newspaper said. The Boston-based publishing giant Houghton Mifflin Co. is responsible for 79 percent of the errors found in both student and teacher materials. "The last time we had any errors that were identified after they hit the classrooms was in 2005. We found one," said Anita Givens, senior director of educational technology at the Texas Education Agency.


mathnerd said...

The teacher's edition of the book we use in my classroom had errors. Many many errors. Like x/4 = 20, was solved to be 80. There was also a lesson that didn't even match up to the student editions. Completely different problems! So in conclusion, Passport Math series sucks... :) I can't believe that editors don't find these things!

mathnerd said...

woops typo! Try x/4=20 was solved to be 5. I was actually doing the problem correctly. The book didn't.

Anonymous said...

I expect occasional mistakes. Given how large that number is, though, I expect that there is something systematically wrong. The piece mentions quiz answers in the book. Maybe they also gave answers to all (not just odd) exercises?

Anyhow, none of this effected the president's schooling, did it? I mean, did he go to any public schools?

Pissedoffteacher said...

It was a joke--he is from Texas and he does make tons of mistakes.

Anonymous said...

um... surely they meant fraught rather than wrought?

Anonymous said...

Ok..Just because a book has errors doesn't mean:
1. Teachers don't catch and correct errors. We can read despite popular belief.
2. Teachers teach the wrong thing just because the book says so
3. Books having errors makes our kids illiterate.

Not Texan /= Genius