Wednesday, November 07, 2007

U Ratings

November 7 and I got a new student today! This was her fourth change since August 31. First, she missed a week of school. She was on my roster then and removed to make room for someone who wanted in. (Since she wasn't attending anyways, it didn't matter.) Then she was placed in an over sized class. A month later she was moved again, to a newly created class. Today she came back to my class.

Little Maria is failing. She might be failing because she has been changed around so much or she might be failing because she doesn't do anything. I don't know. She seems like a sweet kid but appearances can be deceiving. Now she is on my roster. She doesn't know anything. The class she was in is at least two weeks behind mine (and I am going very slow.) She was never even given a text book. Now, according to my AP, she is on my roster. I will be called to task if she fails. I will be called down to explain why my failing rate is what it is.

Yesterday during staff development, my AP stated that he will U rate people who are not reaching enough kids. He is not going to risk losing his job because of incompetent teachers. I know that I am not oneof the teachers he was talking about U rating. I know that no one will hold me responsible for this kid. I'm lucky. I have a reputation that speaks for itself. How many other teachers are going to be put in this position without the reputation? How many other teachers are going to be put in this position and have to worry because, unlike me, they will not be retiring in the next few years? When is someone going to stand up and revolt against what is going on in the schools today?


A Workshop Model said...

Mr. AP is really full of crap; he's just interested in his bonus in the end. I come to this conclusion based on the fact that he addresses the failure issue in such an aggressive threatening manner. His actions lead me to believe he has a very personal stake in the pass/fail rate.

JUSTICE not "just us" said...

I hate these bastards who call themselves adminstrators. They are a bunch of doofuses whose lunch money was stolen when they were school kids. Today they are getting payback by harrasing and abusing everyone they can by virtue of their position.

I celebrate when I read a story in the Post that uncovers them for the dishonest, unethical cowardly punks they are. My mother works in the elderly care industry. When she finds that were ex-Principals and APs she assigns the most "sadistic" home health worker she can find!!!PAYBACK IS A BITCH!

Now one gets out of this life unscathed and alive!!

Please don't think I am evil I have been abused by these lowlife punks!

Pissed Off said...

I don't think you are evil. I think you are so right and so funny. I would be honored to work with you and call you colleague and friend.

Jose said...

I spoke on this a while back with regards to all the shifts we've made with these kids. How do we expect kids that hardly have stable homes to be stable beings when we keep changing their homeroom assignments? It's amazing how we just let these sorts of things go unnoticed because we've been sucked into the system. A-mazing.

Profesora de espaƱol said...

I find it hilarious that AP is threatening to get rid of teachers who "aren't reaching enough kids" yet he fails to give (and gripes about giving) teachers the proper tools and time to accomplish this. Outrageous.