Friday, November 23, 2007

Schools That Work

The latest New York Teacher is beginning a series about schools that work. The first story is about MS 45 in Manhattan which managed to pull itself off the SURR list.

To summarize:
1. Class-size cap of 20
2. Effective discipline including a SAVE room for behavioral modification. the kids are given real work, learning takes place, and their is a reward system.
3. Teacher driven staff development
4. Good relationship between staff and the administration

Teachers have always cited the above 4 statements as things necessary to improve our schools. Instead of pouring money into lawyers to get rid of supposedly "U" teachers and into hiring private consulting teachers, the money should be used as it is being used in MS 45. Only then well we see real improvement in our schools.


JUSTICE not "just us" said...

Just give me 3 and 4 and I would be happy. Nothing is more corrosive to a school environment than a lousy and vindictive Principal. Schools with tough kids can work if the staff and adminstration work together in an atmosphere of cooperation and honesty. I have never really worked in a school like that but I know people who have.

Schoolgal said...

Weren't all those 4 elements part of our contract or were those our givebacks?

jose said...

It really is the simple things that make teaching easier. Little things like that.

proofoflife said...

Those work for me! Somewhere over the rainbow skys are blue, and the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true. One day I'll wish upon a star and wake up...

IMC Guy said...

To me, 2 is critical. We need to have the ability to get the behavior problems out of the classroom so they don't stop the learning for others. However, suspension or sitting in the office or another classroom isn't the answer. They still need to do the work and realize the impact of their negative behavior so it doesn't happen again.