Monday, June 18, 2007


We finished marking the Math A regents today. Kids who I haven't seen since the first week of school passed the exam. If we count the 55's that give the kids graduation credit, I only had one failure (one of my kids got a 38). Passing means a score of 35 out of a possible 84 points or roughly a little less than 42%. I don't know what the cut off was for a 55 but it was much lower than the 35 points. I used to take pride in the regents exams. I stayed late to mark the exams and cheered when the kids passed. Now, its no big deal to see them pass. They all do, whether they know anything or know nothing.

Years ago, the state worried about standards. They instituted the RCT's (regents competency exams). These exams tested minimum competence in math, reading, writing, social studies and science. On the math, calculators could not be used. Although the exams were not difficult, the kids had to know something to pass. Then, the state decided that everyone should pass a regents exam. When it was found that this was too difficult, the exams were dummied down. Now, the kids that could never pass an RCT are passing regents exams. Everyone is getting a regents endorsed diploma. Too bad the kids know less today than they ever knew before.


17 more years said...

What irks me even more is seeing the scores on the Math A exam in my school(90% of the kids at "mastery" level or better), and then have parents complaining to me when their kiddies get in the low 70's on the earth science regents. The tests are like night and day, and I have told them repeatedly.

Pissed Off Mom said...

If I was able to use a calculator on my math regents I would have scored high also. We must dummy down the test how else are we going to show gains so Kleinberg can get a gigantic pat on the back on a great job Brownie. Puhlease.
Why should a Publicly educated child learn math? That time will come when their is a financial incentive attached to it.

Anonymous said...

I highly doubt I would have been able to go through all of these rigorous standards..or maybe I could have with tutoring, extra help.who knows..

Anyway, I was in sequential 1 and 2 regent classes that was on a slower pacing schedule. I do not know how Math A works over Seq 1, 2 and 3, but it sounds more complicated.