Friday, June 22, 2007

No Admission

The seniors came in today to pick up their tickets for graduation and their caps and gowns and of course those whose graduations were in doubt found out if they actually made it or not. After the pick up, there was a big barbecue in the courtyard. Last week, at staff undevelopment, Suit told us how much it means to the kids for us to be there and to show our support. Since they don't get their year books until school is over, this is their big chance to get everyone to sign their books. Imagine the teachers (and kids) surprise when he got on the loudspeaker and announced "This barbecue is just for seniors. Teachers, your barbecue will be next Wednesday." Okay, most of us figured. We don't want to eat anyways. We just want to see the kids and say goodbye. Well, guess what? The school has sunk to a new low. They posted armed (not really armed, but it felt like it) guards around the entrance and would not let anyone but the seniors in. I hung around for a while, signed a few books, hugged a few kids and then I had enough. It felt stupid looking at the picnic through a window. As I was leaving, I saw the band setting up. Turns out two of my kids are in it. Now I had to stay and hear them play but I told them it would be from the outside, looking in.

The kids in the band were great. I can't believe they play all the stuff I grew up listening too. The band leader is a big Pink Floyd fan (also a good AP calculus student). One of the kids in the band is no bigger than a 6th grader. He is so cute. Good thing he was sitting down to play the drums so no one realized how little he is. This kid plans on being a doctor, a pediatrician so he can be bigger than his patients. (He's not really that small, I just love to tease him, he has a great sense of humor). A girl joined the group to sing Hotel California. Kids like these renew my faith in future generations. They are the leaders of tomorrow.

The kids say goodbye and promise to come back. They all swear they will never forget us. They will. Five minutes after graduation we will all be history to them. That is the way it should be. They go on to college and a brand new life.

I wish all my graduating seniors the best. Congrats. They earned their honors and their awards and their diplomas through hard work.


Anonymous said...

=) Thanks. It really means a lot. I hope our future will be just as artistically and mentally bright as the generations past. The times of Pink Floyd and the Eagles has surely passed, but the spirit lives on. All we can hope for is to bring new genius into the world. Not musically, per se, but even mentally, and it's teachers like you that help us do so. Thank you for all your support.

--Pink Floyd

NYC Educator said...

How incredibly creepy. You'd think the kids would enjoy being with their teachers, or that it might mean something to administration to give them a last chance to do that.

Over a hamburger, no less.

ms. whatsit said...

It's too bad that your administrator doesn't see how he tainted an otherwise entirely joyous occasion.