Saturday, June 16, 2007

Big Business Revisited

My friend is an RN in Texas. Actually, she is, or should I say was, in charge of the entire obstetrics department in a major hospital. Her philosophy was always work hard, people are depending on you. She worked weekends, nights and any time she was needed. She expected the nurses that worked for her to do the same. She claims she took care of her employees. I'm sure she expected the hospital to take care of her. Too bad what is expected is not always gotten. Her hospital was taken over by a big corporation. Originally she was happy about this. She said that no nurses would lose their jobs, only some of the management people would be out of work. Too bad she never thought of herself as one of those management people. She has been forced out, early retirement, way before she was ready. I feel awful for her. She is a great nurse. People in her charge get great care. Too bad she had to learn the big business lesson the hard way. Hopefully someone out there is looking to hire a 55 year old nursing administrator.

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On the Edge said...


It amazes me how often people rationalize in favor of big business without giving any thought as to how it might negatively impact them. It amazes me how prolific the "It won't happen to me" mentality really is. I feel bad when these kinds of things happen. It's a tough lesson to learn the hard way.

Keep us updated on your friend's job search. Wish her luck from me.