Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The New UFT (according to Bloomberg)

Mayor Paints UFT as Akin to the NRA

Mayor Bloomberg appeared at a press conference yesterday fighting back against critics of his plans to overhaul the school system. He appeared with dozens of supporters, none of which are actively involved in the NYC school system at the moment unless you count special interest groups. These groups have major contracts now with the school system or are trying to get a major contract. The mayor's panel did not include one teacher, educator or parent. The mayor even went as far as saying that the number one obstacle to education today is the UFT.

"Number one, there's the UFT. All they want to do is roll it back," he said of the changes he has made so far in the schools."

Bloomberg never mentions that the reason the UFT is trying to roll back some of these changes is because they are BAD BAD BAD for education. He even equates the UFT with the NRA. The NRA is a small ispecial interest group trying to put guns in everyone's hands, the UFT is the same. I guess when you can't come up with a reasonable argument, you go for the absurd.

Along with blaming teachers, he blames news media, political groups and everyone else who disagrees with him.

"There's the political power of people who just want to pander when they come out and they find something wrong with everything. There are the newspapers that can never find anything good enough. They're in favor of change but they've never yet in their whole publishing history seen a change that was good enough."

This mayor is out of control. It is good that the children of NYC have people like Leonie Hamison fighting for them. More parents need to participate in Class Size Matters and read NYC Public School Parents to join the fight.


Lsquared said...

"The NRA is a small ispecial interest group trying to put guns in everyone's hands, the UFT is"...
a small special interest trying to put books and pencils in everyone's hands? And we all know how dangerous that can be!

NYC Educator said...

It's true the mayor is out of control, but that's because people are finally beginning to shine a light on his so-called "reforms." I hope he stays out of control and continues to draw attention to himself.

Maybe his failures and frauds will make their way to the 11 o'clock news. Stranger things have happened.