Saturday, April 07, 2007

Not A Great Form of Discipline

She might lose her job?????

April 5, 2007

A Toronto school principal faces a serious board of education review after admitting to throwing feces at a young boy who was not in her care.

Maria Pantalone, 49, pleaded guilty to assault against a child Monday out of "total frustration" but was given an absolute discharge to keep her from having a criminal record stemming from the incident last June - but she now faces peer sentencing for her actions.

Since the charge, she has been suspended indefinitely from her job as principal at Keele Street Junior Public School and Mountainview Alternative.

The in-house counsel for the Toronto District School Board, Grant Bowers, told the Toronto Star that the board will be conducting its own review into the incident.

Mr. Bowers said that the review could result in punishment, transfer or dismissal of Bowers.

In his ruling, the judge said Pantalone was "publicly embarrassed, if not humiliated. She has suffered more than most." She might get her job back.


jonathan said...

Sometimes a teacher just loses it and does what we'd all like to do. But I can't honestly say that this is one of those cases. Gross.

IMC Guy said...

Regardless of what the child has done, there's something odd here. Not only is the thought of throwing this at the child sickening, but I can't imagine there's feces laying around out in the open. After coming up with this thought, this "adult" had to actually locate some and then throw it. It's not like they got mad, reach for the closest pile of crap, and then threw it.

mathnerd said...

I can see snapping, but where did she get the feces? I wish they had addressed that... Part of me wonders if it was the kids, and that is why she got so angry?

Myrtle Hocklemeier said...

Could it have been dog poop? Were they outside?

Pissed Off said...

Who knows? It just really grossed me out. How can they even consider letting her keep her job?