Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Health Care

Time to be pissed off about health care in NYC! My mom went to Montefiore Hospital in the Bronx today at 2:00 AM because of a fall. She has a rare blood disease and has had a number of surgeries, one was for a brain tumor, which caused her excrutiating headaches. It was the headache that brought her back today.

First, I would like to say that the doctor and the nurse that took care of her in the ER were fantastic. When a problem arose, they stayed with her non stop, until it subsided. The techs who took care of CAT scans, the aides and the transport people were also great. So, why do I have a problem??????

The ER was jam packed. Stretchers were so close together that there was no room to stand next to my mom without leaning on another patient. Stretcher were set up two deep, there was no privacy around the front stretchers and you had to jump over IV tubes to get from bed to bed. My dad, who is 85 years old had no where to sit. He was on his feet almost straight from 2 AM. She had to wait hours for a bed and a room.

Hospital care in the city of NY is deteriorating. The city is closing more and more emergency rooms, forcing the few that are still left to carry loads far beyond what they were built to hold. I understand from talking to one of the techs that another hospital ER in the Bronx might be closed soon. This will increase the burden on Montefiore.

Schools are over crowded. There is no excuse for that, but what I saw today makes the school's situation pale by comparison. I guess the mayor and the powers that be assume that the people that use hospital's like Montefiore are of a lower income bracket and like our children, not entitled to quality care.


Superfly said...

I can totally relate to this one. My grandmother was hospitalized recently due to some fluid in her lungs. Now, she is old (76, so not quite so old as your father and mother are) but she is also quite infirm (diabetes, obesity and severely limited mobility) and they left her in a hallway, with beeping machines and all kinds of hectic crap going on around her for OVER TWENTY-FOUR HOURS! I was totally appalled!
I hope your mother gets well, though!

IMC Guy said...

Perhaps we can move one of the 8 million (it seems) hospitals in the Milwaukee area to New York - that may help. I hope your grandmother is doing better.

ms. whatsit said...

I am so sorry to hear about your mother. That the hospital situation is in dire straits probably only heightens the stress and anxiety you and your father are feeling.

It truly pisses me off that there is such a huge socio-economic gap in our country.

Hang in there dear, and keep us posted on her condition. I am sending good vibes in your direction.

Pissed Off said...