Wednesday, October 31, 2012


We got lucky.  No damage and we have electric.  No cable, Internet or phone .  My neighbor had a150 year old oak fall on her house.  She has been living with us.  Since it is a city tree she can't do a thing to make her house safe.  The parks department told her to call 311 but 311 answers with a recording saying it is not a working number.    I am currently using a neighbor's Verizon account.  Unlike Time Warner they seem to keep their system running.  I can't get my laptop working so no pictures.  Hope everyone is safe.  


burntoutteacher said...

Glad that you are okay and even in a position to help a neighbor.

zulma said...

There are parts of the Bronx, the residential area, where trees have fallen on houses, streets. Certain areas in the Bronx had no power. I'm in one of those areas where I had no power for two days, no Sprint service either. I have not heard of any fatalities in the Bronx, thank goodness.

It's always so heartwarming when I hear of neighbors helping each other. Kudos to you for your ever present kindness. Your neighbor is very fortunate to have you next door.