Friday, October 19, 2012

One Smart Dad

Junior got caught texting once too often in his math class and his father was not pleased.  He didn't want to take the phone away as he wanted Junior to keep to be able to keep in touch.  Torn between the technology of the 21st century and the discipline he knew his son needed, dad called the phone company and asked for help.  The company suggested parental controls which would block texting during school hours.  Dad said yes!  Grades improved.  Phone calls home stopped.

I never knew something like this was possible.  I wonder if others don't know as well.  Might be a good idea for schools to let parents know this option is available. 


ChiTown Girl said...

That's awesome, isn't it? One of my son's best friend's parents did the same thing to him during their senior year. He could only text for a very small window each day (Maybe from 4-9pm?) and then they got rid of texting all together for a while. Love them!

kherbert said...

I do the opposite on my phone. I have it set to receive calls from my school, and family only during school hours. (We have several seriously ill family members, and I'm the 2nd contact for their assisted living center).