Thursday, October 18, 2012

Constructing A Foundation


Teachers do what no amount of technology can--we instill confidence and get our students to believe in themselves. 

An English teacher friend sent me this:

"The teacher I learned from the most and who had been the most helpful in my life was Mrs. POd...a retired math teacher".She said I was her number one believer and the 9th period class made her day. (that class was the worst class I ever taught.  Even the principal agreed many of the kids were incorrigible.)  She wrote that she went from 65's to 90's because I believed in her.  Today she wants to be a CPA and believes she can because of me!!!!

I had no smart board and no I-pad,  just chalk, talk and lots of TLC.  I miss the kids from that crazy year.  It would have been nice to stick around and watch them mature and graduate but conditions made it impossible to stay.  Still, I am happy and proud to have provided the foundation for success.

(It was a beautiful day not to work.  I spent it walking Jones Beach Boardwalk.  Pictures here, on facebook.

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