Monday, October 01, 2012


Told to cover a class in his license area until a regular teacher can be hired. 
Did a great job with kids in his class.
Not even given a chance to apply for the job.
The teacher hired, a newbie straight out of college, can't control the group.

Told to cover a class where kids have no work to do, and receive no credit for being there.
There is no incentive for them to do the right thing.
Class meets in the cafeteria where the kids are used to running wild.
Kids can't even be controlled by administration or deans during lunch.
Kids don't behave.  ATR worries he will be "U" rated.  He has good reason to worry.

Not making waves, doing whatever the administration asks.
No permanent job in sight.
He worries about what his future will hold. 
He is afraid he will never be a teacher with a classroom again.
No one will give him a chance.
Thrown away like the flowers sitting on his dining room table.


Anonymous said...

This is exactly why ATRs need their own union chapter.

I really think ATRs better start keeping logs of their daily activities and what is said to them.

I doubt he will get U rated on one-month on the job before going to the next school.

This is why ATRs need to meet with each school's chapter leader the first day or week of entering the school. If the chapter is strong, the CL can tell the principal he/she will be looking at the way the ATRs are treated in the school.

Anonymous said...

What is an ATR? This sounds very sad.