Saturday, October 06, 2012

Listen To The Kid

Society has got it wrong.  There is nothing wrong with being a ditch digger or doing other forms of manual labor.  It is an honest way to make a good living at salaries often higher than those of college graduates.  Not everyone wants to go to college and pursue a career behind a desk or wearing a white color.  Not everyone is capable of doing so.

Personally, I would rather have seen my children doing what they wanted to do, even if it meant digging ditches than being bored to death in a college class they can't understand and graduating with a degree that will at best qualify her for pouring coffee at Starbucks.

This country will always need people to build roads and dig holes.  Instead of putting down these vocations, we ought to start giving them the respect they have earned and they deserve.

I would like to thank all the ditch diggers out there who do the labor I am incapable of doing.  You are performing a service every bit as valuable as that of the more educated people that put you down.  You are doing a service that we do not have the ability to do.  We are all created differently.  It is time to embrace these differences and encourage them.  Respect those who choose not to go to college or whose talents like in a different direction.  The father is the one missing the point in this cartoon.


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Anonymous said...

This link about the canal diggers who dug the ditches for the Ohio-Erie, Ohio-Miami and Erie canals goes great with this blog post.