Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Good Teacher Not Hired But Finds Something Better

Jill told me I inspired her to become a math teacher.  She got into the very prestigious Time 2000 program at Queens College and did well.  She student taught at a school I know well and did a great job.  She has also completed a masters in math.

Jill wanted to work at this school but she was told there was no job for her there.  She felt she would never be hired there so she gave up her dream of teaching in the school she attended and applied for several college jobs.  She was hired everywhere she interviewed.

I just heard Jill is now teaching full time in a college.  I am so proud of her and proud of me for being the inspiration behind the career choice.  I am glad she didn't let one person discourage her.  She knew whose words meant something and whose didn't.

(PS--there are four teachers at the college that school was happy to let go, or would like to let go.  So much for knowing quality teaching when it is around.  The person who has no respect for them would stand no chance of doing what they are doing.)

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