Saturday, November 03, 2012

Time Warner Sucks

Still no sign of when or if Time Warner will ever fix or cable, Internet, phone.  I wouldn't care if I knew their employees were helping to get the city's electric restored but that is not true.  As soon as FIOS is available here I am switching.


Anonymous said...

YOU are right! TWC sucks! First they are going to change your account number on a certain date; ah, then they change their mind. Next, they are going to charge you for a modem...or you can buy one. BUT, you must register that modem with them! Of course. And, while you endlessly wait on the phone, you battery dies because they are a bunch of lazy jerks.

Anonymous said...

I was paying $285 after taxes for 6 boxes with time warner cable triple play, only 250 channels most are bs, slow internet service and no movie channels. I recently signed up with verizon fios triple pack and I must say I am impressed. Only $160 a month after taxes, 450 channels, 75 movie channels, 6 boxes, 50mb internet connection speed. Im locked in for 2 years. If I would have signed up for 40 movie channels I would've been paying $330 after taxes with time warner. My monthly cable saving now pays half my car note... Thanks verizon!!!

Vicki Carey said...

I had Time Warner internet for a little over a year. The internet itself was okay, but their customer service sucks. When I cancelled, they told me I wouldn't owe any additional money on the bill once I returned their equipment. A short while later I got a bill and thought they just hadn't gotten the equipment logged yet or something. Now, 4 months later, I get a call from collections saying I haven't paid. I am irrate. I wasn't supposed to owe anything further, they didn't send me any other bills, and now I have been sent to collections. I paid them what they claimed I owed and will never use their company again.