Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Compassion Not A Requirement


A girl in my evening class told us her professor told them it was time to get over hurricane losses.  He lost his home and his car and he's still at work.  They should all do the same.  He is accepting no excuses for late work.

I'm glad this guy is able to go on with his life as if nothing happened.  Not everyone can do the same.  He might have resources that allow him to stay in a hotel, he might have family or friends to put him up.  His insurance will pay for a rental car until they give him the money to buy a new one.  Many of his students are not so lucky. 

I don't care what degrees this guy has, or how smart he is, he has no business being in the classroom.  He might know his subject but he knows nothing about compassion.  He must have been asleep when humanity was passed out the day he was born.

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NYC Educator said...

In Spanish, they say, "Tiene doctorado pero no es educado." He has a doctorate but he isn't educated.

In Spanish, being educated connotes not having gone to school, but rather behaving well. Something to be said for that.