Saturday, March 17, 2012

Torment Continues With No End In Sight


Son of Pissed Off said...

These charter schools are only for families and students who want them. If the families in this neighborhood don't want it then they won't send their children and PS 261 will not change at all. If parents think this charter school will offer their children something better then what they are getting why not give them the option to go there?

Teachers yell all the time about how different students learn differently. Why not let students who while perform better in the charter school go there? No one is forcing anyone to go to them.

Sweet Girl Tracie said...

Son of Pissed Off:

It is not about taking away the 'choice' of having charters in NYC schools. It is about taking public space from public schools when those schools ACTUALLY NEED the space. Many charters rent out public school space for free and end up taking away space from the public school students. The public school students end up in large class sizes between 25-35 (depending on grade) and sometimes are often told to use separate entrances in their own building. Charter schools get funded by hedge fund billionaires and get TONS of financial support to create their own building.

It is not about removing the choice of charter schools from the neighborhoods. It is mostly about taking away the public space from public school students and getting it for free.

Also many charter schools have a horrible reputation of working children like a test prep factory, but this is a whole other issue.