Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Kids Appreciate What The Administration Does Not

I know Mr. AP is glad to have me gone and I know he has zero appreciation for the work I did, but the kids I helped still value what I did for them.  He even said, in this memo, that the school's rating had nothing to do with kids in the upper classes.  The implication being, the only ones that counted were the bottom ones who moved up, even when they knew nothing.  (If you can get through his atrocious grammar you will see what I mean.)

The following statement, from Facebook, was written by a girl I taught last year, a girl who only got into the class when I suggested we create the extra class that gave me a ton of extra work.  Bob was also in that class and also would not have had the opportunity if not for me.

everytime i don't do well on a piece of calculus work, you have no idea, i feel like i'm letting you down. i just wanted to let you know that you still inspire me to do well. hope everything is well with you, xxxbaby! 
            (bob wanted me to tell you that he got an A in calc last semester)

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