Sunday, March 25, 2012

Another Good One Leaves The System

Jan worked really hard with her seventh graders.  She was lucky. They were a bright, motivated group and their test scores went through the roof.  Her TDR was extremely high.  Her principal was very pleased.

Because Jan did such a great job with these kids, the Principal had her follow them to the eighth grade where their success continued.  These kids hit the ceiling in seventh grade so there was no room for improvement on their eight grade scores and Jan's TDR gave her a zero.

Jan wasn't concerned.  She had already been accepted at a very prestigious college and was going to pursue a PHD.  Her principal told her that was a wise decision.  The a TDR of zero there was no way he could grant her the tenure she deserved.

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Former Teacher said...

I have a situtaion that I would love to have your opinion on. I worked as a teacher in the NYC system for 12 years. I went out on childcare leave pre 2005, came back post-2005 and had to resign my position for I could not physically go back to my old position and Open Market that year did not yield anything- no hiring freeze. I have been subbing for the last three years and I do not like what has happened to education in the city on the middle and high school levels. I find that it is impossible to teach. Additionally, I find that subbing does not help you get a job: they love that I can sub in these rough situations but will hire newbies when there is a vacancy. So, you say this girl, went back to get a PH.D. Is there anything that can be done with these education degrees without piling on more degrees and debt. Are there agencies or people who deal with this type of career changer. Unfortunately, I taught right after college [went to school for teaching] so I do not have any experience in the private sector. Any thoughts?