Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Set Up For Failure

The remedial class that started out with so much promise is promising no more.

Attendance is abysmal.  They are only allowed four absences and many have two or more already.  Telling time is a skill they also lack as they think nothing of walking in at 7 for a class that started at 6:10.

Only about 6 bothered to buy the text book.

They don't go to the lab to do homework from the school books.

They don't hand in test corrections.

And, they think they will pull through and pass.

These kids are so used to being passed through and being able to make up everything (or at least get credit for nothing) at the last minute they can't conceive of anything be different in college from high school.

Here we don't call parents and we don't give fourth and fifth and hundredth chances.  Our jobs don't depend on their passing.  In fact, we can lose our jobs if we pass them when they know nothing.

I've been trying to convince them of the errors of their ways.  Hopefully they will learn before it is too late..


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately they are developing bad habits that will define them in life. And their responsibility may need to be put forth before they enter community college via orientation. If they aren't even buying the books, coming to class on time, or giving up, why did they bother to apply in the first place?

Pissed Off said...

Financial aid

Ricochet said...

Gave a review yesterday and today. Should have been a one day review. They would not do work, just copied other people's down - and I refused to do anything until the last 5 minutes, when I wrote it at my speed so I can post it on a website.

They said it wasn't fair.

Anonymous said...

Then that should come with responsibility to maintain a certain average every semester or lose the aid!!!

Mamacita (The REAL one) said...

This is my world, too. And I'm despairing right along with you.