Thursday, March 15, 2012


From the latest memo, sent out March 14.

Happy Pi day! We will celebrate e day on 2/17/18 (if I am still working here).

Oh, I am sure lots of people have stuff to say about his still working at Packemin.  I won't comment about it here.  While e day only occurs once in a life time and pi day happens every year, I can understand why its celebration is more important but you'd think a math department could celebrate both.  In all my years at Packemin, I never remember any special activitives on March 14.

            Please do not issue a passing grade to students whose average is below 65 or those who has more than 5 cuts or unexcused absences from February 1, 2012. A grade of 60 might be more appropriate. Bear in mind that you can always raise the grade of a student if they begin to do what is right, yet, you will have a very hard time to lower their grades later.  I have many of these students and I tell them that I would consider giving them a passing grade in June iff the pass the Final exam and the Regents exam.

If you can raise a grade, why can't you lower one?  Shouldn't kids get the grade they earned? Why should kids keep working and studying just to be considered for a passing grade?

            If you have students who missed one exam, please do not count it against them if they were absence was legitimate and they passed the other exam.  For the students who have a failing average who miss exam(s), please give them their average and let them know you will calculate their final average without the missing grade, provided they pass the Regents exam and/or final exam in June and attended class regularly.

This last sentence needs interpretation.  Why work only on the promise of consideration of a passing grade?

No wonder the kids are confused about what is expected of them.  


POd daughter said...

Why not do e day every year? Pi day isnt only celebrated on 3/14/15

Anonymous said...

the kids aren't the only ones confused about what is expected of them. Imagine what the new teachers think of these memos?

Pissed Off said...

POd daughter-I think it because e is usually not rounded to two places.