Friday, March 16, 2012

Rude Awakening

I asked Brian, a student in my college class if he was a cutter in high school.  He gave me a little smile and asked how I knew.  I told him years of experience.  It is obvious from the work he does when he is in class that he is a very bright young man.  It is also obvious that he has major holes in his knowledge and the only thing he knows is the stuff he picks up when he shows up.  Studying and homework are things foreign to him.   His attendance in my class is not as good as it should be either.

I didn't lecture him about studying or showing up.  He's heard that 100's of times before.  I reminded him that college, unlike high school, costs lots of money.  Of course his answer was "It doesn't cost anything. I get financial aid."  I then told him that financial aid was his money and if he wasn't careful he would use it all up before he got started on his real education.  I told him the story of a girl who was now in debt up to her eye balls paying for the education that her financial aid should have paid for.

He was polite and agreed and I wish I could say he got it, but I am sure he didn't.  I'm afraid this year will be a washout for him.  He's in for a rude awakening when he finds college grading and high school grading are not the same.

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