Wednesday, March 07, 2012


Do you remember the days when your mom cleaned the house extra good, made a special dinner and dressed you in your finest outfits because company was coming?  She polished silverware and took out the best china too.  All this was stuff she never did, but the visitors had to be impressed.  She also wanted it all to appear to be everyday occurrences.

The people that trained your mom must have also trained school administrators because they are preparing the same way.  All the best stuff is being put out.  Necessary lessons that can't be finished are being put on hold, much like the dirty laundry that didn't get done but got shoved under the bed.  Rooms that haven't been decorated in years are now being spiffed up.

Memo_032 is just a little reminder for all of what needs to be done.

We will go through with Quality Review next week.  You are allowed to give exams on our exam days.  Please make sure you teach lessons that can be finished.  Please make sure you do what you regularly do, which is to walk around instead of standing or sitting in the front.  Please also engage in bell-to-bell instruction. Please decorate the classroom for both the Q.R. and Parent-Teacher Conference day/evening.

And while we are on the topic of mom, remember all that nagging she used to do and does continues to do..  It irritated you then and it irritates you still.  Now, not only do you get to hear mom's nagging, you get to read it in department memos.

We have all received a ladder of referral from the Principal.  Please pay attention to the following:
 Some teachers ask their students to put their cell phone away when they see one.  When students refuse to do it, they then ask for the phone.  I have been around for quite a while and I have not met a single student who will give me their cell phone after they refuse to put it away.  If you choose to ask the students to put the cell phone away, you should deal with the consequences when they fail to do so.  Calling for a dean is not the solution.  I have stated this many times before that when you see a cell phone, you should ask for it.  When a student refuses to give it to you, you can then call for a dean because it is no longer a classroom management issue.  The student is breaking school rules and being insubordinate at the same time.  I really do not wish to discuss it any further because there is no point.  Please just do what I ask you to do and I will support you.  In addition, please only call for security when there is imminent danger.  For other issues, please call and ask for a dean.


ChiTown Girl said...

I LOVE that you still get these memos. They provide so much entertainment for us, your loyal readers. ;-)

Sweet Girl Tracie said...

I take it back again..he is not a big turd but an ENORMOUS turd....

and his memos are getting more absurd..i wonder if he is on the verge of a breakdown with the upcoming changes in ed deform...