Wednesday, March 21, 2012

New Cars

I have to break down and replace my '99 Pathfinder.  It is full of rust, the low gas light hasn't worked in years and the spedometer and odometer gave out a month ago.  I still want to keep it going but now it isn't always driving so great.

So far we looked at Rav 4  (Toyota gave us $50 to test drive it), Hyundai Santa Fe and the Honda CRV.  I wasn't crazy about the Rav 4 so it is down to the other two.  Both have similarities and big differences. (The CRV doesn't come in bright red.)   I have to decide carefully.  The car after this one is my husband's pick (we alternate choosing new vehicles) and with the length of time we keep cars, this could very well be my last one.

I hate dealing with car dealers and I hate making decisions.  I wish my old one could be repaired.  I don't mind the rust, or the radio volume that doesn't adjust all the time.  I don't like change and changing what I drive is a big decision.


burntoutteacher said...

We currently have two Hyundais. They are good, solid cars, but the resale value is much higher on a Honda. I have also found that the seats are not as comfortable in the Hyundai, nor is the rear view mirror large enough for me. My choice would be the Honda. (It's a shame that you didn't care as much for the Toyota; their resale value is phenomenal and a mechanic once told me that if everyone had Toyotas, he would be out of business. (That was when we had one -- alas, I gave it to my daughter to take to college and it was demolished by an idiot going the wrong way down a one-way street. I still miss that car.)

Pissed Off said...

I don't care about resale as you can see from the age of my car. I keep them until they are no longer running.

Anonymous said...

My nieces misses her Sienna. She has the Honda Odyssey and thinks the Sienna was nicer. Her husband has a nice car. My sister wants it,

I will find out what it is?


Pissed Off said...

We've had two Hondas--loved them both. My daughter has a Corolla that is still going strong with 140,000 miles. I just didn't like the tire on back of Rav 4. I want another SUV even though the mileage sucks. I don't drive all that much.