Saturday, March 03, 2012

Reply To All Finally Shared

Reply to All posted here.
Posting it on this blog would have been too evil.

I will share another part of memo_024

 I would also like to inform you that there were many factors as to why we were at 93.1 percentile on the list of winning schools, put together by my union. In our school’s progress report, one major judging factor was how effective we were at helping the bottom students “move up”. In other words, having top scores and many students taking upper-level classes were not the reason why we were up there. That also explains why most specialized high schools did not do “well” because they do not have weak or low level students to begin with.  Therefore, if you taught ME41/42/43/44, ME21/22, MG21/R/MG22/R, MR21/R/MR22/R and you had above department average passing percentage on the Regents exam, I would like to particularly thank you.
 I had two ME 43/44 classes with kids who came in totally unprepared but I got them through.  I almost wish now I hadn't because those 50 kids failing would certainly have given the school a lower grade. (Of course I could never let kids fail.)

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