Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Subjective Vs. Objective

I heard the Board of Regents has no idea as to what the passing cut off for the Algebra 2/ Trig Regents should be so they wanted schools to finish marking the exam (given yesterday to over 400 kids), photo copy answer sheets and ship them to Albany by this afternoon. I don't think this happened.

How did we lose the 100 point exam with 65 as a passing grade? How did an objective subject like math become so subjective?


Anonymous said...

It happened when "education" became a scam based on the "business model". From my own experience, I remember that phrase used in garment district accounting terms, "plugging the numbers". The latter was taken to mean whatever the accounts payable bookkeepers needed to take it to mean. With the flight of the millionaire-producing garment district to cheaper labor sources abroad, we have the same players in a bigger game. Rich charlatans who have way too much power and are far too impressed with themselves are always "plugging the numbers". At least the garment district executives actually produced garments that sold all over the country and possibly abroad. With the current "accountability" scam,a very simple way to assess became an entire industry with "accountability" and it is all just so surreal. It's all "Newspeak" from the novel 1984. Money and of course control by the ruling class is what this is all about, not the actual education of the children. I guess giving kids some kind of honest and appropriate education is besides the point. Those ideas are so 20th century. The new "idea" is to weave what should be objective into something subjective; what is illogical is that the entire assessment tool is referred to as "objective" in spite of these very subjective manipulations. Using my logic, I arrive at the conclusion that there is no truth value to these assessment tools; in everyday life, we call that a "lie".

NYC Educator said...

You aren't supposed to ask questions like that. Didn't you get the memo?

Pissedoffteacher said...

Is that an objective question?

mathman42 said...

They want to make sure that acertain % pass so need the raw data to set the scale. This was done for IA and Geometry the first go around as well. I'd guess around 50 raw should be a 65.

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