Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Ugly Dog

(The following story was sent from a friend. I liked it quite a bit so I decided to share it here. I believe the ugly dog she referred to is an an assistant principal in her school. )

A mother dog protects her pups and keeps them warm and fuzzy. She would never leave them with a stranger during their most important times, even a mill dog knows enough to protect her own.

The ugly dog cared for her pups minimally, leaving them alone frequently. They searched for her endlessly. A wolf roamed around, talking often to the ugly dog, telling her what she should do with her puppies. Even though she had other dogs telling her how to care for her puppies, the advice that the wolf was giving her sounded so much easier. He told her that she could leave them alone whenever she wanted....that nothing would happen....that they would be alright! She listened to the wolf and left her puppies alone one afternoon and when she came back......they were gone. Only a trace of fur was left behind. The wolf was off licking his lips. The ugly dog didn't care...she had no responsibilities now....not a care in the world! She walked away from where her puppies were with a smile on her face.

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ChiTown Girl said...

wow....I think you just described the majority of "families" in the area where I teach. How sad...