Wednesday, April 30, 2008


This is how one math teacher has been spending her lunch period every day.

I'm usually just as busy. Today I tried to do some computer work on my lunch. As luck would have it only TWO of the THREE COMPUTERS available for teacher use were working. So, in the "BEST LIBRARY IN NYC" I could not find a computer to use.

Yes, in a school with a staff of over 400, in the twenty first century, teachers have access to exactly two working computers.

Isn't NYC education grand! Thank you Bloomberg. Thank you Klein.


NYC Educator said...

Well, that's two more than they used to have. In my daughter's schools I've never seen a classroom with fewer than two computers. In mine it's odd when you find more than zero.

Anonymous said...

Yet they expect all 400 of you to enter and email your grades to your Program office from these 2 machines?

Chaz said...

I bet all the school administrators have their own computer and air conditioner.

Angie said...

OMG...I can't imagine. I look at those pictures and hear about your two computers and it's like you're talking about some foreign country. Seriously. It definitely makes me thankful for how lucky we are in IN. Despite the normal crap that goes along with teaching, we are blessed with clean bathrooms and plenty of computers to go around. Good luck!

Ms.Tsouris said...

Klein and Bloomberg with all of their use of "technology" have set the school system back a century. They starve public schools here and only find resources for their precious "charter" schools. Local politicians should be made aware of this absurd unconscionable lack of computers at this point in time.