Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Vote No

A colleague was hurt at work and needs union help getting a leave to heal.  He has written e-mail after e-mail and made call after call.  After 4 months he is no closer to a resolution than he was on day one.

The UFT reps are so busy pushing this contract they have no time or interest in doing anything else.  I was told to not talk about the contract and ATRs at the medical because teachers in the room were upset enough and there was no need to inform them about a contract that could only hurt.

I know our union is better than no union and I am still proud of being a card carrying UFT member but our union needs to be shaken up quite a bit.  A contract that hurts some is worse than no contract at all.  A union that minimizes a member's problems and thinks a pat on the back or a hug is enough is not doing what it should to earn our money and our support.


Anonymous said...

I'm not proud of being a UFT member. As an ATR, I ask what that term means. Utterly F--ked Teachers? After teaching 24 years I am treated like absolute garbage by the administrators, teachers, students and worst of all the people I pay union dues to. Call up the Bronx UFT office and ask for some advice on your rights as an ATR. You may get an inkling of what I'm talking about. Now I'm expected to sign a contract which discriminates against me?! This would make a good Social Studies lesson. It's totally unethical, immoral and I believe illegal.

Anonymous said...

No, are going to sign a contract that will put you back in the classroom.

Anonymous said...

Vote YES

Pissed Off said...

I am retired. I have nothing to lose and everything to gain with the new contract. I can't vote but if I could I would still vote no. Every teacher who cares about their future in the profession should vote no and not follow UNITY blindly. This time the union is wrong.

Anonymous said...

If anyone has moral integrity, they would vote no.


Anonymous said...

So sad that you people who say vote YES don't have either the integrity or the brains to say this is a piece of SH-T contract. The Sargent's Benevolent Association says they sure will not accept the crap that Lord Mulgrew has deemed is good enough for his rank and file. What does Mulgrew give a damn, lose your job, someone else will come along and pay union dues in your place. As long as those Unity folks get their double salary and double pension, it doesn't matter what the members get.
Man, they have screwed the members by bringing this garbage to the table.

Anonymous said...

To 732,
No actually this contract will not put me back into the classroom , I'm a CTE teacher. Nor will it put those who have been cleared of charges. For those who are placed, it's a fast track to termination.