Saturday, May 03, 2014

Inner Circle Of Unions

My husband just told me the new contract can't be bad because NYC union leaders, 20 out of 22, gave their blessings to the new contract.  (Only fire and detective unions voted no because of health care concerns.)  My husband is not a union member and is sometimes too easily swayed by the media.  He is bright, informed and has lived for over 40 years with a NYC teacher and still doesn't get it all.  No wonder others don't get it either.

These 20 labor leaders voting yes does not make it a good contract.  They are all part of the inner circle brothers club.  Mulgrew is one of them.  They wouldn't think of opposing him.  The people that give them their jobs, pay their salaries and keep them where they are mean nothing compared to "family."

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Tamar Flower said...

My dad doesnt get it either, and has a wife and a daughter who are union members.