Friday, May 30, 2014

Nice Of Her

Dear Professor,
I don't think I deserved the F.  I put a lot of effort into this class.  I participated and did homework.  I was overwhelmed on the day of the final as I had 3 finals that day.  I don't think it is fair for you to base my grade on 15 questions.  But, if you think I earned the F because I did not work hard enough I will accept it and retake the course during the summer.  Please let me know how you arrived at this grade.

Dear Student:
You missed the first exam and the second two and a half weeks of classes.  I offered you a makeup that you chose not to take.  Your other grades are 41, 71, 91 and 43 on final.  The final consisted of former test problems and problems on the review sheet.  You handed in many assignments late and did not bother to do the take home assignment which would have given you a passing average.

These kids don't understand what it means to succeed in college.  Many plan on transferring to four year schools and pursuing careers in medicine, law and engineering.  These kids all are products of Bloomberg education.  I feel sorry for them.  Their sense of entitlement can do nothing but hurt them.

I'm happy this girl is willing to "accept" her F and summer school now that her grade has been explained.

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SDadmehr said...

Oh my god! These stories just scare me. I am glad they have you as a teacher, though, because maybe it will be part of their wake up call.