Thursday, May 01, 2014

New Contract and the ATR

If two Principals rate an ATR unsatisfactory, that ATR is gone.

Principals often rely on APs for information. APs are more often than not, inexperienced teachers with no sense of what makes a good teacher.  Often they are not even good teachers themselves.  Some will have problems because the ATR did not jump high enough on command.  Principals talk to one another and opinions and ratings will be given before some ATRs even take a step in the building.

A teacher once told me she could never become an ATR because her Principal loved her.  She had no sympathy for ATRs and would not support anything that had to do with them.  This teacher is now an ATR, going from school to school and worried about keeping her job.

Teachers need to vote no for this contract.


Tamar Flower said...


Anonymous said...

Another NO voter. The UFT is a disgrace. Unity taking their double salaries, double pensions and sticking it to both the current members and those who retired during the years without a contract.

Get rid of UNITY!

Anonymous said...

I'm voting NO!!!!

Anonymous said...

We need to vote no.....this could be any one of us!

Chaz said...

When you fail to protect your most vulnerable members you fail as a union.

Anonymous said...

Every school should be forced to give at least one ATR a home! HIRE NO NEW TEACHER! Get this accomplished UFT!