Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Failing Student

Jimmy's four tests total less than 100 points.  When he got his last one back, he got upset.  He asked what he could do to pass.  He was upset when I said there was no extra credit, but if he did well on the final (highly unlikely) he could still pass.  Poor Jimmy told me he is a terrible test taker.  He didn't do homework because after he missed a few there was no point since I told the class I would only drop lowest test grade if they did all homework.  He just didn't get, even after four tests, that exams came straight from the homework.

Wednesday we finished new lesson early and I asked class to start working on practice problems there were given for the final.  I told them to work together and that I would be happy to answer questions.  Most of the students took advantage of the review time and worked.  Not Jimmy.  He was "tired".  After the last class I invited students to stay behind for extra help.  Jimmy was the first one out the door.

I give up.  Jimmy deserves to fail.

(Picture from Newsday's car show--no relation to post.  I just liked it.)

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Anonymous said...

I just failed four students. One who had nineteen absences in a twelve week course asked me what I could do for him!
He is going through a divorce. We discussed the divorce situation and I explained to him that it would not be fair to other students in the class who had done a lot of work if I passed him. He did next to nothing. The sense of entitlement is overwhelming.