Saturday, May 17, 2014

$45 Co-Pay

Scarsdale teachers make a lot more than NYC teachers but their new contract has a $45 co-pay every time they go to a doctor.

Think about this before voting yes on contract. Health care savings will not drop from heaven.


Anonymous said...

If raising the co-pay to $45 still means you can keep your own doctors, choose your own hospital and surgeon, I have no problem. The co-pay as it stands now is not really enough to cover the cost of the visit and our GHI schedule needs to be upped otherwise many doctors will leave GHI.

However, if they up the co-pay and reduce benefits then I have a big problem with that.

The truth is, there is nothing in this contract to address that with a NO vote. The only real items that do deserve the NO are the lack of due process and bringing in merit pay for schools willing to give up their rights. We already know merit pay didn't work under Bloomberg, and in no time deBlasio will have to stop it as well. And, merit pay has yet to be proven successful. But if you want to teach to the test each and every day, then go for it.

Anonymous said...

I have no problem with raising the co-pay if it means I can keep my doctors, choose my surgeons and hospitals. The truth is, doctors can't afford to work under the current GHI schedule. Many doctors are being nickeled and dimed.

However, while I don't approve of this contract, a NO vote won't address health since it's not part of the contract. What people should be upset about is the fact health care isn't really addressed in this contract. And, the lack of due process for ATRs and merit pay is a big reason to vote NO. Even Bloomberg had to admit merit pay was too expensive for the City and drop it after getting Randi to accept it.

Anonymous said...

Did someone from Unity write those above comments?

HHmmnnnn. I wonder...


Anonymous said...

Once these costs go up, they will never come back down, only continue to increase. Often districts will say, oh, it's just a one-time increase, we just have to get through this year. Hah.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:58

How can I be part of Unity if I am telling people to Vote NO not just on a mystery health care agreement that is part of the MOA, but on giving up due process as well. the MOA on the contract as it relates to health care. It's up on the ICE blog and it's very specific on how much Unity has agreed to cut, but not specific on how they intend to do it It's massive!! A NO vote would put an end to that and make Mulgrew tell the truth.