Tuesday, May 06, 2014

The Sadist Within

Mr. Arrogant chose a seat in the back of the room for the exam.  He saved the seat next to him for a smart, quiet girl, a girl he knew he could browbeat into letting him cheat.

Mr. Arrogant should know by now I see through him.  I moved the girl far away.  He sat alone in the back, turning red and struggled.  I enjoyed every minute of his pain.

Tell me again how so many more students are graduating high school than ever before.  Tell me again how great our kids did under NCLB, RTTT and of course Bloomberg and Walcott's administration.

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Anonymous said...

I gave an exam tonight in a community college. I moved three students' seats and told another one to get off his phone. We have a second exam tomorrow. I gave a list of ten review questions on Friday and spent two classes on review. Two students have prepared the questions. The rest are sitting around complaining. I am not really interested in listening. Did I mention that some of them never purchased the books?