Thursday, September 26, 2013

When Administration Punishes The Teacher

Teacher and Principal argue.

Principal punishes Teacher by giving him a late session program consisting of most difficult kids in the building and puts the class in the trailer, where there is no security.  (500+ students and their teachers .don't warrant the same security as the rest of the school )

Teacher sees a Boy with his head down, wearing a hoodie and ear buds.  He tells Boy to wake up, remove hoodie and music and see him after class.  Boy, who after 3 years has no credits, punches teacher in face and then steps on his throat.  Other students run to building for security.  Teacher is doing better, but could not speak for several days and has yet to return to school.

Teacher will probably press charges and sue the school.  The school has been told for years about problems outside and the school has done nothing about it.  The school has kept its A rating.  Incidents have been kept quiet.  Many years ago a young man who was assaulted did not pursue as they were illegals and the school told them they would get in trouble if they followed through with a complaint.  It is a shame Teacher got hurt, but hopefully, his pain won't be for nothing.  Hopefully his pain will make others safe.



burntoutteacher said...

I wouldn't be surprised if the principal files corporal punishment charges against the teacher, claiming that the teacher started it and the student's actions were merely self-defense.

Anonymous said...

A teacher was assaulted yesterday in my school trying to break up a fight. She fell and broke her foot.

Anonymous said...

I wonder why you hear about police officers being attacked but no press stories about assaults on teachers!

burntoutteacher said...

Teachers are ALWAYS to blame when there is a physical altercation, don't you know? I was assaulted by a student and was immediately brought up on corporal punishment charges, while I was still crying and shaking from having been bum-rushed by a huge football player twice my size and a fraction of my age. Although I was cleared by the OSI -- as were two other teachers in my school in similar cases where they were assaulted but they were then charged -- nothing happened to the student, and he was returned to my classroom a few days later! I was told by my district rep that that is a strategy being used by Leadership Academy principals to be able to downplay the assaults for statistical purposes. The assault by the student is not recorded until after the case against the teacher is closed, if it is recorded at all.