Monday, September 30, 2013

Government Shut Down


My beautiful and brilliant daughter is a federal employee.  While I won't mention what she does here, I will say she performs a job that helps insure the safety and well being of this country.  My brilliant and beautiful daughter is earning about a third of what she would if she took her education and expertise to private industry.

My beautiful and brilliant daughter loves her job.  She was always willing to sacrifice  money to do what she loves.  She valued her benefits and her security.

My beautiful and brilliant daughter has not gotten a raise for 4 years although she has gotten the best reviews in the history of her department.  And now my beautiful and brilliant daughter had been furloughed.  So much for job security.

Public employees work at jobs serving the citizens of this nation.  Whether on the federal, state or local level, they deserve our respect and thanks.  Telling them not to come to work, involving them in a stupid feud is not the way.  Congress needs to pass the budget.  This country needs health care for all.


Anonymous said...

the do nothing congress ....for the past 4 years..ridiculous....


Anonymous said...

Proud to be enrolling in the insurance plan for New York State today which comes through from now I can include my pre-existing conditions and not be denied coverage.