Sunday, September 22, 2013

Moral Question

Would you do things that were immoral and just plain wrong to make sure your job would be here tomorrow?  Would you get others to do these things to help you move ahead?  I know I couldn't.  I couldn't live with myself if I did what others are doing.  How can they look in the mirror and not feel a sense of revulsion?


Anonymous said...

No and no....and alarming as this sounds, I literally just experienced these moral questions 2 weeks in my work place environment...oh daughter heard these stories already which 'are very out there'...

~ TG

Anonymous said...

It costs a person nothing to state with a firm and absolute tone, perhaps with a trace of moral superiority, that the answer is "no."
But anyone who has been in a workplace, especially in the school system, knows how common it is for people to sell their souls. Some will snitch on a colleague if it means they will get a preferable program as reward. Educators are, tragically, among the most prone to swearing a dedication to the "high road" while suspending that theoretical commitment when clawing up a career ladder.