Sunday, September 01, 2013

To Hell With Students

Judy was a really good teacher when it came to middle level and lower level classes, but her skills weren't so great when it came to teaching the top.  She knew it and her AP knew it.  So it came as a shock when she got a program with an Advanced Placement class.  Judy had filed (and won) a grievance because her program reflected nothing she asked for and only had bottom classes.  Her AP decided to punish her by giving her a balanced program including the class he knew she would not be able to do a very good job of teaching.  He was more than willing to sacrifice the students to make her suffer.  Luckily for these kids, he was convinced not to do this before the change took place.

Michael has a proven track record when it comes to teaching reading to special education students.  He loves what he does with them and they, in turn love him and succeed in his class.  Michael does not like to teach math.  Michael's AP wants Michael out and since he is good, the only way this can happen is if Michael voluntarily leaves.  And, this can only happen by making Michael as miserable as possible.  The AP does not care about the kids being hurt along the way.  The AP hired a couple of recent grads to teach reading.  She figures these kids aren't much of anything and she can always get someone to help them on their standardized tests so they will pass and still make her look good.  She knows Michael will do a good job teaching the subject he hates because Michael cares about kids.

Ah, the wave of the future.  Make the teachers you can't U -rate miserable so they will leave on their own.  Screw the kids.  Cheating gets them through regardless of what they have been taught.

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ChiTown Girl said...

In some weird, twisted way, it makes me feel better to know this crap happens everywhere, and not just here.

If not for this crap, I wouldn't be enjoying my "retired" life right now, so I'm just going to let it go...