Tuesday, September 03, 2013

The Toilet Seat Job also known as Being an AP

It must be hard to watch individuals that are younger and not as experienced than you moving ahead while you are stuck in the job considered the toilet seat of  the building  It must hurt to have them tell you what to do, to hear them yell at you when you do stupid things (things we all know you aren't smart enough to know are stupid.)  And it must keep you up at night knowing a person you once mentored can now "U" rte you.

You are stuck on this middle rung of the ladder.  You can't go up, but if you are not careful, you will hit the ground.  Many will be happy to see this happen.


Anonymous said...

This is pretty depressing for me to read early in the morning when I know this is about me and several thousand GREAT teachers out there!

Pissed Off said...

Actually it refers to a certain AP who hasreferred to humself this way many times. Sorry, no disrespect intended toward any teacher.

Anonymous said...

It does hurt, especially when the AP is young, immature and inexperienced! Especially when the AP talks to teachers like they're dirt and wonders why no one shows any respect. Especially when you know the AP was a horrible teacher with poor classroom management skills, but will observe you and rate you. It really hurts when they're from the leadership academy and you can tell they despise all teachers. Truly painful.