Friday, September 06, 2013

Hey, My Degree Didn't Prepare Me For This Job

Saw this cartoon and thought about all the administrators who want teachers to come up with solutions to problems they can't solve.  The teacher must find a way to get 100% passing, to get 100% attendance and  to have a 100% discipline free class  I can't even count high enough to know the number of faculty conferences I sat  at and had to come up with solutions to all that ails education.

And then of course there are APs who have no real background in math or anything else for that matter. One I know even failed her original license exam and is now supervising a subject she knows nothing about.  When teachers come to her with problems, she glares and says nothing or growls until they leave.  A degree from "Masters for Sale" doesn't prepare you for anything except becoming a supervisor in today's DOE.

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