Monday, September 23, 2013

Stupid Facebook Post and the Stupid AP Who Liked It


The experienced, knowledgeable teacher retired.  For over 30 years she taught, inspired and helped new teachers and administrators.  She was an asset to the school, someone who had done more for the school than all the newbies put together.

One newbie posted about how happy she was to see this experienced teacher go.  She didn't like being criticized by an "old lady."  She even wrote goodbye and good riddance for all to read.  The worst part of it is the AP "liked" her post.  (This AP has since decided liking it was not a good idea and got rid of the like.)  This AP learned the ropes from this "old lady" as she had no background in the area when she took the job and still knows very litle about what she does.

Oh, the young and stupid.  You would think a teacher would know better than to post crap like this and you would definitely hope an AP would set a better example.  But, this is what happens when the stupid are put in charge.  The kids they are in charge of  have a higher intellect.

There is a new Principal in the building.  I wonder how he feels about the stupidity of the teacher and the idiocy of the AP in charge of the department.

Actual facebook post here.


Anonymous said...

News flash - the young become the old.

Anonymous said...

I miss your other site because I decided to leave Google after their violations of privacy came to light.

All I can say is what a stupid thing to write on a public forum. And what an idiot AP is.