Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Those Who Give Us A Bad Name


Jeannie stopped me after class and asked if I would mind clarifying a few things we had gone over in class.  We spent about 10 minutes working and then walked out together.  On the way out, she told me about her science teacher.  I won't mention which science as what I am about to write is very negative.

Jeannie told me this science teacher told the class not to ask questions after class as he would not answer them.  He told them his office hours were to discuss career choices and not to offer any additional help.  Jeannie told me she might have to drop this class.  She is already a college grad, just back to take a few courses so she can enter a Physician Assistant program.  She knows she needs a good grade to make it and doesn't see this as a possibility with this professor.

Teachers like this one give the profession a bad name. Luckily teachers like this are few and far between.   Overall, the school is filled with a supportive, helpful staff and bright students who have the desire and motivation to succeed do. 


A. J. Sefton said...

Teaching is not a nine to five job. Perhaps this is not the career for him. If he will not bend over backwards to help students reach their potential he should go.

Anonymous said...

I agree with pissed off but i do not agree that not bending over backwards means someone isn't a dedicated and good teacher. Inspiring,helping,coaching and also teaching appropriate self reliance are also critical to being a professional. Bending over backwards can mean perpetuating dysfunctional spoon feeding approach to learning. I am appalled by this student's experience but would be just as appalled by a boundary less instructor .

Anonymous said...

ugghhh...I agree..those kinds do give us a bad name..luckily there are not that many.

~ TG