Wednesday, March 06, 2013

The Sweep

The school had a real problem with kids in the hall when they should have been in class.  They knew they needed to do something so they waited until the bell rang and then did a sweep, picking up every student not in class.

Max and Mervin, two  good boys got picked up.  These boys tried to go to the library during their breakfast  9:45 lunch period,  but the library was closed.  They were on their way to the cafeteria when they were picked up.  Both boys went along without giving the deans any trouble.  To anyone watching, the school did a great job of getting two troublesome youths out of the hallway.

Charles and Eddie, two not so good boys were also in the hall.  The deans pretended not to see them as they ducked behind a pole and then ran down an empty hallway.  The deans knew these kids were trouble and would not go along easily.  They didn't want the hassle of dealing with bad boys.

When I taught, I always found the AP kids got caught when they were late, which wasn't very often.  The really difficult ones never seemed to feel the bristles of the broom.

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