Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Politically Incorrect Post


People who should not attend college:

1.  Anyone who can't correctly multiply 8 x 7 without a calculator.
2.  Anyone who can't write a coherent sentence.
3,  Anyone who can't read above a 5th grade level.
4.  Anyone who thinks attending class in not important.
5.  Anyone who thinks taking exams should be optional.
6.  Anyone who thinks leaving early or arriving late is acceptable.
7.  Anyone who doesn't think it is necessary to use the textbook.
8.  Anyone who refuses to study and/or do homework. 


Anonymous said...

I guess it was one of those days today....my kids gave me one of those days too...oy..I came home wanting a glass of wine just to relax...

Pissed Off said...

Day was fine, Just commenting in general.

Anonymous said...

these are all qualities that they teach students in High School. They are allowed and encouraged behaviors!

Ricochet said...

9. People who talk the entire time the teacher/professor is talking.

10. People who think that copying the information from the board (while talking about something else) is the same as doing the problems.

11. People who cannot pass a test after you work all of the problems for them in class and let them use their notes.