Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Better Get Ready


Friday is the last day before vacation and anyone who has taught any length of time knows what that means--the admins will be prowling the halls, I-pads and clip boards (for those not technically savvy) in hand.  They will be paying surprise visits in hopes of finding you teachers goofing off.  Make sure your students are engaged and hard at work.  If it is 4:45 and they are already on vacation mode, it will be your fault.  If they close their books 30 seconds before the bell rings, you will be in hot water as well.

I once tried to explain to a Principal how obnoxious it was to observe on the day before vacations, especially late in the day.  He claimed he needed to observe then, to see who was working.  He thought this was the best way to see what a teacher was really about.  I couldn't believe I was hearing correctly.  A good Principal walks around the building all the time and knows exactly what every teacher in the building does all the time.  And, by walking around the building and glancing in rooms, he can see what is going on without walking in and unnerving the educator in the room.

Advice over.  The gotcha squad is probably lacing up their sneakers as I type.


Anonymous said...

Any administrator who even tries is a real "sheithead".. (now remove the first 'e' in the word and what word do you really which begins with a short i sound)..

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad I work in a building that still has administrators with brains, and dare I say it, hearts. I really can't imagine that happening with my current principal or AP. Once they go, though, all bets are off.