Friday, March 29, 2013

Morale In The Workplace

Newsday ran an article this week saying 98% of Americans have experienced incivility in the workplace.  This behavior leads to profit loss, bad morale and poor productivity. 

Among workers who said they were on the receiving end of incivility:
48% intentionally decreased their work effort
38% intentionally decreased the quality of their work
25% admitted to taking out their frustrations on customers

Teacher morale is at an all time low.  While Principals and assistant Principals can't do anything about salary,  VAM and other things coming from outside the school, they can do things inside to make things better.  For one, they can treat all teachers equally.  They can stop setting up certain teachers to fail and others to be teacher of the year.  They can program fairly.  I have seen countless examples of stacked classes, stacked to make a teacher look good and stacked to make them look bad.  I have seen APs make excuse after excuse for one teacher's lateness and write letters when another is 2 minutes late once in 20 years.  I have seen administrators publicly reprimanding teachers with no regard to who is around.  I've seen administrators take credit for teacher work.

In a school, hurting teachers hurts students.  Yet, nothing is done to help improve it.  I remember sitting at a small meeting where morale improvement was the goal.  One or two members of each department voiced what they considered problems.  The discussion ended as soon as we walked out the door.  Nothing was done.

I remember an AP I once worked for who wanted everyone to come to his end term party.  He thought it was a great morale booster.  Many of us boycotted.  A party did nothing to fix the situation we were in all year round.

(Newsday March 25, 2013 page 41)

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What's going on here? said...

I teach in a middle school in Brooklyn. As you have already mentioned, morale at my school is below low. The principal has her cronies who cowtow to her every whim. During walkthroughs, the door opens and in pops that "gotcha" attitude, looking around for anything out of place. There are no kind words from this principal, yet she calls teachers out for not inspiring students when we have "spirit days! A narcissist extraordinaire, everything is her idea. She double dips her timecard, yet the secretary turns the other cheek. This has been witnessed and confirmed by others. She hates teachers over 50 and stalks many to fuel her insecurity. The newbie teachers are many and feel totally helpless and insecure around her. She allows her cronies to leave early, especially the ones related to her.

What has happened to this profession? Why do others allow these people to denigrated others?
Why do teachers wake up with knots in their stomach? The UFT is a useless spin machine, not allowing grievances to be made against her.

Never have I been around others who wish they were somewhere else. "This is not what I expected in a school" is heard daily. "What is wrong with this administration? they say. Thanks for allowing me to vent.