Thursday, March 07, 2013

Chihuahua Does It Again

"It's wonderful... Imagine the little fuck telling someone that I don't know how to do my job! Fucking little bitch who voted her  @@@ of the year!  No wonder she became an administrator."

Rotty  was always known as one of the hardest working, brightest dogs around.  Her bosses loved her and appreciated her loyalty, her ingenuity and the initiative she always showed to make the job run smoother.  They were all smart and appreciated smart workers. 

Several years ago, Rotty's boss decided to retire.  The CEO of the company decided to put a little chihuahua in charge.  The chihuahua was uneducated, inexperienced and quite frankly, dumb.  It had no experience in the field and made decisions by doing whatever it took to get the CEO to give her treats. At first, chihauhua was nice to Rotty.  It knew Rotty had expertise and it needed Rotty to share that expertise.  But, as time went on, chihuahau started to view Rotty's intelligence and morality was a threat.  Chihuahua has done everything possible since to make Rotty's life miserable and to encourage Rotty to leave.

The CEO, enraptured by the cute little chihuahua is blind to the situation and has no problem with what chihuahua is doing.  The CEO does not realize the place will be torn apart by chihuahua's directives.  Or maybe, the CEO just does not care.


Anonymous said...

I have seen a great deal of this going on in my building. Our new AP has taken everyone's knowledge over the past 4 years of being in the building and now he is trying to push all his older staff right out the door!

Ms. Tsouris said...

This was EXACTLY what the CEO had in mind. This CEO has terrific insight into human nature. The CEO saw that the chihuahua has a mean and heartless approach and has the capacity to do harm. The CEO is not blind; this manager knows who has the capacity to malign and destroy.