Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Letter To Staff

Dear lowlifes teachers:

It has come to my attention that some of you are teaching subject matter  rather than teaching the students in your classes to pass exams.  Instead of giving multiple choice exams where kids can guess and  their eliminate ridiculous answers, you are giving them questions that require them to not only understand the material, but to show you they understand.  I don't care if looking at their work helps you evaluate them better.  I want results and I want them now.  Passing percentages are everything.  I still can't believe one of you, one who has plenty of experience only got 92% to pass last term.  It doesn't matter that four kids were absent.  This teacher should have made it a priority to get those kids to take the exam.

I know some of you losers teachers think you can wait until regents review time to teach with multiple choice.  But, by that time it will be too late.  The kids will already have low grades and be discouraged.  They might know the material, but unless they show it to you early on, I don't care.  They must have passing grades going into the regents.

And back to statistics.  We must all work together to keep them high.  Those with good stats must keep up the good work.  Those with low stats better shape up.  I don't care if the kids don't do homework or come to class.  It is your responsibility to call parents and get them to do this.  And, if you can't reach parents during the day, call at night, or early morning.  If you still can't reach them, go to their homes on weekends.  It is not enough to leave a message or send a letter.  And, I don't care if the child is performing at a fourth grade level.  Figure out what you have to do to get that kid up to par.

If I have told you once, I have told you 1000 times.  You are lucky to be working for the best AP in the city.  Do your job and keep me on top.  When I get my big bonus, I might even treat you all to a meal again.  Well, not all of you, only the ones I like.  (I will be sure to let everyone know the people I don't like and will not include.)

Thank you very much and have a wonderful week.

(pictured--George Bush from Adickes Sculpture work--Houston, Texas.  George Bush, the man who began the descent of education with NCLB.  More pictures on Facebook.


ChiTown Girl said...

Oh, my friend, I can always count on your posts to remind me that I made the right decision. I don't miss this BS one bit.

Anonymous said...

This sounds very familiar!

Anonymous said...

omg i want you as a teacher....